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Build the team

Our pledge:


"We will promote and raise awareness of the candidates who pledge to stand against fracking."


You are vital to the plan. Volunteers and campaigners will be needed and our crowdfunder will be used to produce materials supporting candidates opposed to fracking.


With all the areas under threat from fracking blocks going to the polls on June 8th, It is becoming clear that to stop fracking we have to change the minds of those in power who decide, or change the people who make the decisions.


Frack Free United do not favour any particular political party or affiliation but will be highlighting the candidates who have signed up to the frack free register.


We are purely focused on stopping fracking in our communites and countryside across the UK.

Candidates - Sign up.

Candidate pledge:


‘I will work towards and support a ban on fracking in the UK'


Frack Free United urge you, the candidate, in the forthcoming election to sign candidates’ pledge and join the growing frack free register to oppose fracking in your area and across the UK.


We urge you now to sign up now and work towards a total ban on of onshore fracking in the UK.


If you are standing for election in June please sign up here


We will add your name to the growing list of candidates signed up and registered to the Crosspartyfrackfree register.


We will advise and inform you on the issues of fracking for your campaign.

Raise awareness

You can use our 'where is fracking?' map to find out about fracking in your area and Frack Free United will publish a list of all candidates in the election when the ballot papers are released. 


Contact your candidate.


We urge you to let your candidates know we are watching and them to oppose fracking, insisting they sign our frack free pledge and join the Frack Free Register.


Download a letter template here


Frack Free United supporters will work to highlight the issue of fracking in their area, raising awareness of fracking and the position of the candidates on the issue. 


Our supporters can also volunteer to help the candidates and encourage voters to vote for a frack free future.

"Shale gas may transform a previously pristine and quiet natural region, bringing increased industrialisation. As a result, rural economy businesses that rely on clean air, land, water and/
or a tranquil environment may suffer losses from this change, such as agriculture, tourism, organic farming, hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation" - DEFRA report: "Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts Paper", 1st July 2015

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