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20 October 2015. Approved planning application NY/2014/0275/ENV by Third Energy for gas production, water re-injection, drilling a second borehole for water re-injection and construction of a 13.9km pipeline at Ebberston Moor South Wellsite, and installation of a gas reception module at Knapton Generating Station. Decision notice dated 8 June 2016


23 May 2016. Approved planning application NY/2015/0233/ENV by Third Energy UK Gas Ltd to hydraulically stimulate and test the KM8 well (previously drilled in 2013), at KMA wellsite, Alma Farm, off Habton Road, Kirby Misperton. Key facts and timeline


7 June 2016. Issued a decision notice approving application NY/2015/0307/FUL by Third Energy UK Gas Ltd for a change of use for the Pickering-1 gas production well to gas production and produced water reinjection well at Pickering-1 wellsite, Malton Road, Pickering YO18 8EA. Key facts and timeline


22 November 2016. At a judicial review hearing, defended decision to approve plans by Third Energy to frack at Kirby Misperton. The council’s decision was later upheld. Details


Ryedale district council calls for a 5 year moratorium on fracking.



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