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1 May 2015. Approved application LCC/2014/0047 by Cuadrilla for Becconsall wellsite (also known as Banks), off Bonny Barn Road, Banks, to retain compound and access track for a further three years to allow pressure monitoring, followed by plugging and abandonment.


21 May 2015. Refused application LCC/2014/0084 by Cuadrilla for Grange Road (Singleton) wellsite for a three-year extension to undertake seismic and pressure monitoring. Later overturned on appeal. Details


25 June 2015. Refused application LCC/2014/0101 by Cuadrilla for wellsite at Roseacre Wood, Roseacre Road, Roseacre, for drilling, fracking and testing up to four wells. Details


25 June 2015. Approved application  LCC/2014/0102 by Cuadrilla for monitoring scheme at and around Roseacre Wood, Roseacre Road, Roseacre. Details


29 June 2015. Refused application LCC/2014/0096  by Cuadrilla for wellsite at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, for drilling, fracking and testing up to four wells Details. Later overturned on appeal but that decision is subject to a statutory challenge.


29 June 2015. Refused application  LCC/2014/0097 by Cuadrilla for monitoring scheme at and around Preston New Road, Little Plumpton. Details. Later overturned on appeal.


9 February-16 March 2016. Defended decisions on Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood applications against appeals by Cuadrilla at a public inquiry in Blackpool. Details


1 March 2017. Approved application LCC/2014/0047NM1 and approved an amended version of application  LCC/2017/0016 for changes to conditions of  planning permission LCC/2014/0047  for plugging, abandonment and restoration at Cuadrilla’s Becconsall shale gas site. Details


Pendle Borough

18 December 2014. Motion approved unopposed calling for  the Scrutiny Management Team to report on the practicability, likelihood and desirability of shale gas exploration.


Preston City

13 December 2012. Voted in favour of declaring a frack free city.


20 August 2015. Voted against declaring a frack free city but in favour of doing all in its powers to oppose attempts to extract shale gas in its boundaries.



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