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You can use these maps to help you find out about your Parliamentary constituencies, councils, licences, local groups and activity in your area.

 Are you represented? If not why not?

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Communities across the country can stand up for a frack free future.


 It is clear that to stop fracking we have to change the minds of those in power, or change the people who make the decisions. This is your chance to do so.


Go to CrossPartyfrackFree to find your elected representatives here. If they are not on here ask them why?

“To recover 15% of shale gas in Lancashire would need 33,000 wells on 5,500 pads. To be independent of gas imports, we would need to continue drilling 1,000 wells every year.” - Andy Aplin, Professor of Unconventional Petroleum, Durham University, March 2014


“The prospect of fracking in your area is a bit like putting a motorway or railway, like HS2, through your front garden. It is going to have an impact on the value of your property.”

- Ray Boulger, from leading mortgage advisor John Charcol, July 2015

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