United we stand and we say no fracking - Use this information and use your vote to decide who will be in the best postion to fight fracking after the election #unitedwestand

The announcement of the general election has blown all the best laid plans out of the water. At Frack Free United nothing is more apparent - fracking has to be on the general election agenda across the UK. We have been overwhelmed with the response with supporters and candidates from across the UK signing up and joining the growing network of individuals and groups spreading the word in our fight against fracking.


This general election is a whole new ball game. This is now about national policy and Frack Free United is focused on the bigger picture. Fracking has to be stopped by changing Government policy.


We have torn up our FrackFree 2020 plan and are going seize this moment.

Our interactive maps have been updated to include parliamentary constituencies and will provide the  candidate names and contact details, enabling the anti-frack community to ask them ‘what is your position on fracking?’ 


We will publish the position of all the political parties on fracking and inform you of any candidates that have signed our Frack Free Pledge.


You can use this info to make an ‘informed choice’ on who is the best candidate to vote for in your area to stop fracking. Use your vote wisely!


Now for the most important bit!


We can provide the information and leaflets but we need you to spread the word! We have to get fracking on the agenda NOW. 

June 8th 2017 - Could it be the turning point in the fight against fracking?


But what can I do?


Join us today and we can supply you with ‘Your home is now in a Fracking area’ leaflets to use in your area.


It really is that simple. We have to rally and unite. Let’s get our message out.


Over to you! – sign up now to receive your leaflets.


We are Frack Free United. United we stand. United we say NO!

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